Visitor Id breaks on Safari and IE when visitors switch domain




We've got the latest App Measurement update on all our pages, but we have a few section of the site that is on a different domain.

When visitors are switching domain our Visitor Id changes and this seems to be happening mostly on Mobile Safari browser and some on IE11

Due to this our Internal channel traffic has spiked as well.

Does anyone know if this is a bug with App Measurement code (using version 2.3)?


Has anyone else faced similar issues and any suggestions on resolving this please?

Many Thanks,


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Accepted Solutions (1)




ID Service uses a third party cookie set in the domain.

If a user blocks the third party cookie then the ID Service can't regenerate the same MID.

More info on how cookies are used at:

How the Experience Cloud ID Service Requests and Sets IDs

I recommend that you implement appendVisitorIDsTo method and pass the MID in the URL's from domain A to domain B.

appendVisitorIDsTo (Cross-Domain Tracking)

Hope that helps!

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