Visit number: count based on report date range or lifetime of user date range



I'm trying to correctly count visits from repeat users between a test vs. control group.

If I run a visit number report, is the breakdown of 1st visit, 2nd visit, etc. based on the date range of the report? Or based on the cookied lifetime of the user?

For example, if the user visit history is represented by the table below (5 visits in the user's lifetime from Oct 2016 to Mar 2017). If I run a Visit Number report for ONLY Feb-Mar 2017 (only part of the user's visit history lifetime), will the 3rd visit from 2/3/17 be counted as a visit in the 3rd Visit data row? Or will it be counted as 1 visit in the Visit Number 1 data row?

 Date of Visit Visit Number Reports and Data
 10/1/2016  1 new user 
 10/6/2016  2 repeat user 
 2/3/2017  3 repeat user Site Metrics/Visit report run from 2/1 - 3/31 = 3 visits
 2/15/2017  4 repeat user Visit number report run from 2/1 - 3/31
 3/2/2017  5 repeat user   ...1 visit each within these rows: 3rd visit, 4th visit, 5th visit?

I've seen the documentation, but I need confirmation before I'm completely confident in the segmented visit number results that I built in Ad Hoc Analysis.

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