Visit Discrepancy




I'm having an issue when pulling data from the Data Warehouse. I am pulling two files, one with visits broken down by week, the other broken down by week and tracking code. In the second file, I am seeing more visits than in the first, even though I'm using the same date range.

Why would this be?

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Hi paulr44860813​,

It makes sense that the visit count is higher when you look break it down by tracking codes. A visit can easily have more than one tracking code. Example:

the user goes to google, searches for product A, find your paid advertisement and click through to your website, the tracking trigger campaign A in AA and registers 1 visit. The user is not interested in the product and goes back to the google search result page and searches again, not another paid ad shows up which has campaign B tracking code. If the user clicks through on this paid ad as well, then you will also have 1 visit registered to that campaign.

In your first data extract (without the campaign tracking code), you will just see 1 visit, because the user had 1 visit within the 30 minute window. When you break it down with campaign code, you will see more visits as there is 1 registered for each campaign code.

Hope the above makes sense.