Very basic question but...

angelad64963316 21-05-2018

How can I have a recording of 1 Visitor, 1 Visit and 1 File Download instance, but no Page View?  I didn't think we could get results for a PDF alone.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

angelad64963316 22-05-2018

I have a segment setup to look at all hits for a particular sub-domain.  The segment = Page containing my sub-domain in the URL and also download link instances containing my sub-domain in the URL.  I've then created a freeform in workspace to look at this segment in particular.  My metrics are Visitors, Visits, Page Views and Download Link instances. 

I'm getting 1 Visitor, 1 Visit, 0 Page Views and 1 Download Link instance.

How can I tell which page has the problem with tracking?

Answers (7)

Answers (7)

suneeshkachroo 22-05-2018

Try with: "Page event"     "exists"  in the segment which will filter out those hits which are Non Page Views .

Page events consist of image request data from non-standard image requests. Sources of non-standard image requests are download links, exit links, and custom link tracking.

angelad64963316 22-05-2018

Okay, so i've tweaked the segment and this is what happened.  I removed the download link instance.

This resulted in showing no Visitors, no Visits and no Page Views and no downloads.

Now, if i remove page instead, in the file downloads report, 1 download.

angelad64963316 22-05-2018

Hi there

Sorry I guess my description of the segment should have been

Hit where

Page contains = sub-domain


Download Link contains = sub-domain

This has worked in many cases, why doesn't it work if you have an OR operator in there?


i guess you‘re not having a problem with the page view, but with the segment you created.

by adding „download link instances“ on a hit-level, there can‘t be any page view! because it is either a hit for a download or a page view, but not both ...