UTM parameters tracking is not working




I set up the configuration to track the utm parameters in my Adobe Analytics report suite but it isn't working as expected.

Here is the configuration I made in Adobe Analytics:

First, I added a new classification for each utm parameter.

Then, I added a rule to populate the created classifications with the correct values.

So, I'm facing two problems when I see the reports in Adobe Analytics.

The first one is that there is an Unspecified value in the Tracking Code dimension and I don't know the reason:

The other problem is that the value of UTM Source, UTM Campaign, UTM Medium, UTM Content and UTM Term dimensions sometimes is the correct one and sometimes is Unspecified:

Can you help me to find what is wrong with my configuration?

Thank you.


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Accepted Solutions (1)




let me try to help with your questions.

unspecified revenue

this is due to the reason that at the moment the event occurs (revenue), the corresponding users had no tracking code. therefore they will show up as "unspecified" (= no tracking code)


I didn't check the regex patterns in detail, I assume you used the "test rules" and checked the everything works as expected.

remark: even the second example of the breakedown is not correct. if the value is populated by "classification rule builder", it would copy the exact string "facebook", not showing up as "Facebook" (upper case on the first letter!)

there are two reason why this can happen:

1) you had an old setup and the new one didn't overwrite the old classification (option "lookback window")

2) you (or somebody else) uploaded a classification after the rules have been activated.

according to the screenshots my tipp is 2)

3) the new rules haven't processed all values (it can take up to 72h after activation)

what you can do in case of 1) and 2) is test the rules again (with some examples from the reporting) and activate the rules again with a lookback window of as long as you wish.

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Answers (1)




Thank you for your help. I took some of the values that are displayed in the Tracking Code Report as the input of different rule set tests:


As you can see, the rules are working properly.

I activated the rules again using a higher loockbak window. So, I will wait 72 hours to check the reports again.