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Hi everyone,

I hope you are all well. I have a question regarding using "Then" in segmentation.

I want to see how many times a users have gone from a group of pages, lets say Product Pages, on my site, to one particular page, lets say the Basket Page. I then want to break this out, to see which particular Product Pages are driving the most traffic to the basket page.

I have managed to map something out in Workspace flow, but want to bring this into a report builder report that's already in existence. My thinking is to create a "Then" segment of:


Page Type = Product Page

Then (within 1 hit)

Page Name = Basket

I could then apply to the pages report to see the top Product Pages which drove clicks through to the basket page with a metric of "Instances". Will this show me what I want? I am cautious as my understanding is that a Visit level segment will bring in information for the whole visit. What I want to see is how many times this path occurred, not information on the visit as a whole.

Can anyone help?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



I believe the nearest you can get using segmentation is to apply 2 segments on your Pages report 1) Segment definition you listed in your query & 2) 


Page Type = Product Page

The second segment will eliminate any other pages (ex home page, editorial pages) from your report but there may be product page displayed that user might have visited after "Basket" & then exited.

Probably, prop pathing would give you exact answer.

Let me know what you think..



Saurabh Kumar.

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