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I have a question about the validity of using success events with props.

We are running low on eVars so I want to find a way around using one for the implementation that we are currently doing for a new feature so thought I might be able to use a prop. The prop will capture one of two values 'yes' or 'no' and I want to see how many times these occur against a specific success event. 

When running a report in Reports and Analytics (web interface) I can't add a success event to a prop report but in Ad-hoc I can (prop as a dimension and event as the metric). If I do this in ad-hoc, can I trust the data I am getting from it? The only reason I am unsure is because it doesn't work in Reports and Analytics which makes we think the two can't be matched.

Thanks for any help.

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Accepted Solutions (1)


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Hi Frank,

Welcome to the Analytics Community!

You're welcome to use events against props as dimensions, just keep in mind that the prop and event must fire on the same image request. The preferred method of looking at drivers to events are evars because the persistent cookie. eVars can persist through a users visit to determine conversion on subsequent pages. You would want to look at all evars that may have influenced the conversion event.  Whereas, the sprop (if part of the image request) will only provide details at that snapshot.  

I hope that helps.


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