Using page name evar with visits metric

colek93887464 25-10-2019

Hi just curious how adobe processes this sort of report when using an evar capturing page name vs a prop capturing page name while using the visits metric. I'm assuming for the evar page dimension, it is not using most recent allocation while looking at visits right?

Just wanted to confirm that when using an evar with visits that it will just show what different evar values appeared with in visits and not the last value captured for that specific evar for each visit.

(ex. entry-->page x-->page y-->exit)

Page Name (evar)   Visits

total                              1

x                                   1

y                                   1                                

evar config- most recent allocation, expires after visit 

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colek93887464 25-10-2019

awesome, so just to make sure I'm 100% clear on this. AA is showing any evar value that was set throughout a visit and not the most recent value for that visit when breaking down by evar values? so in the above example i posted you would see each page incremented and not just page y incremented right?


if you set the prop and evar at the exact same pages, the same numbers will appear in the table using the visits metric. that means, if looking at the pages, each page (evar and prop) had a visit.

the big difference are the custom actions on the page (download/exit/custom links): here you don't see any prop pages (because expired), but the evar still exists and will show you the page where the action occured.

nowadays, most people go for the evar due to flexibility/expiry/lenght ...