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Using 'month' and 'quarter' through Adobe Reporting API 1.4


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Hi there,


I wanted to query the 'Month' and 'Quarter' dimensions using the Adobe Reporting API but was unable to find them. It looks like these dimensions are unavailable through the API. Any workarounds or combination of dimensions that would achieve the same goal?


Note: I can only use the Adobe Analytics Reporting API 1.4 for this task

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You might want to use this method: https://github.com/AdobeDocs/analytics-1.4-apis/blob/master/docs/reporting-api/methods/r_GetElements... 


Best solution might be to run a trended report: https://github.com/AdobeDocs/analytics-1.4-apis/blob/master/docs/reporting-api/methods/r_Run.md

Trended Report1 or more elements with a dateGranularity specified. Not supported by Run, use Report.Queue instead.


So you would need to use https://github.com/AdobeDocs/analytics-1.4-apis/blob/master/docs/reporting-api/methods/r_Queue.md


So in https://github.com/AdobeDocs/analytics-1.4-apis/blob/master/docs/reporting-api/data_types/r_reportDe...


dateGranularityreportDescriptionDateGranularityThe time units used to display data in a report that organizes the data by date, such as an Overtime report. For example: dateGranularity = "day". One of the following values: -minute (Real-Time reports only). Specify a minute interval as "minute:[interval]". The interval is an integer between 1-60 that specifies the interval to report. For example, 'minute:3' reports the request date range in 3-minute intervals. -hour -day -week -month -quarter -year


I would also advise you to use API 2.0 instead of 1.4. Using API 2.0 you can reproduce exact same report as in analysis workspace as it is what is being used to return data in Analysis Workspace: