Using ContextData with DataInsertion Api not working



I am using the insertion api and also context data as follows:


And I am using a processing rule like this: overwritevalue of evar5  with abc(contextData)

Looking at my data I see no values coming though the reports but I see that a specific event which is included within the servercall gets triggered but not the context data. Does anyone know why? this is pretty urgent!

I hope someone can support me!

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Accepted Solutions (1)




The request needs to look as follow:



  <pageUrl>Need to provide an url even if it is a fake one</pageUrl>

  <pageName>Need to provide a page name</pageName>


  <visitorID>Unique visitorID</visitorID>





Make sure you the following answer:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <status>SUCCESS</status> 

Make sure that the report suite timestamp configuration is correct, if you send the timestamp tag then it needs to be either timestamp enabled or timestamp optional.

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Answers (2)




You can use curl command to send the request:

I wrote the following some time ago: Data Insertion API for Adobe Analytics. · alcazes/Adobe-Analytics-from-A-To-Z Wiki · GitHub

Even if the request returns SUCCESS, it does not mean that it will be processed successfully. Some things to be aware of:

  • Always specify a valid User-Agent. never use the default one of CURL
  • Always specify a pageName and pageURL even if they are dummy ones.
  • Checkthe timestamp settings of report suite. In Adobe Analytics go to Admin >> Report suites >> Select report suite >> Edit Settings >> General >> Timestamp Configuration
    • If you have report suite configured to timestamp enabled you need to send the timestamp tag in the request <timestamp>1523579600000</timestamp>
    • If you have report suite configured to timestamp disabled then you should NEVER send the timestamp tag
    • If you have report suite configured to timestamp optional then the timestamp tag is optional. Adobe Analytics will add a server side timestamp to the server call when it receives it if no custom timestamp is send
  • Visitor ID need to be present, one of the visitor tag needs to be present.

I usually use the realtime reports in Adobe Analytics to check that I receive the server call. I usually configure the real-time report to look at page name.

One more important thing: you should create processing rules to process the contextData. In my post above I only have tag <abc> in <contextData> so processing rule should put abc to lets say an eVar report.



Thanks for your help. Is there a possibility to test such request in the console of chrome or another way? So that I will be able to see the request before it is being tracked!

The report suite is timestamp enabled.