User Migration to Experience Cloud - Single Email Use by Multiple People



As I am migrating my users to the Experience Cloud, I am having trouble determining the best way to address the following situation:

In our current (legacy) user setup, there are multiple people who are setup under the same username and email. Both the username and email have admin access rights.

As I migrate to the experience cloud, everyone will use their own email to sign-in (and accordingly their own password).

I need to be able to transfer the "Assets" for the old email address (currently being used by numerous people) to multiple email addresses that are being created for each individual user in the Experience Cloud?

Can I transfer Assets to multiple people?

Thanks for any help!


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




no - at least as far as i know. an asset (workspace project, calc. metric, segment...) always have an unique owner.

my recommandation:

1) create a „global user“ with a team-email and move all desired items to this user (or just migrate the existing user account)

2) create a new user group „analytics pro“ with admin rights

3) create new users in the experience cloud and add all to the group

4) share the assets from the team user to the new user group

this way the „holder“ is not a real person but everybody from the group has access (and can use/modify it). no problems if somebody leaves or new persons need to be added ...

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