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shikharg6586023 27-08-2017


I am new to Omniture - Site Catalyst. I have generated number of reports looking at site traffic and which pages customers are accessing the most. I am trying to get answers for couple of questions

-     Referring to a mobile device report, I tell me how many visits are made through Mobile devices. I am looking to drill down to user information like email address, companies etc for these visitors so that i can contact them regarding their Mobile experience. Does adobe capture user information like email address?

-    Also, How can i see how many users are visiting my site via IOS and Andriod Apps? Can i measure it?


Any help will be highly appreciated.



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Accepted Solutions (1)


H Shikhar,

By default Adobe Analytics does not collect any PII for the visitors coming to your site. I believe emails, addresses etc are PIIs.

These means that you would have to collect these data manually, so check your reports by making a simple search in the menu to see if you capture these data already.

Having said that please be aware that some countries have very strict privacy rules and it does apply to Analytics tool, therefore you should not collect any PII data in Adobe Analytics in most of the cases.

Now if you do not collect these informations, you can track the customer ID generate at you side that would be unique to each visitor. Then you could report on this unique customer IDs and cross check the details for these ID using your internal Database for the informations for the users if it is at al possible.

Another good way to measure your customer's satisfaction using mobile is to use a survey that will only be shown to users visiting your website on mobile devices. This is not the topic of this post so I won't go in details but I would advise you to look into this option.

Now to answer the second question, you can run the report Visitor profile >> Technologies >> Operating System Types and you should be able to see data for user coming using IOS or Android. You can also segment on the same and apply it to other reports to see meaningful data.

Best regards.

Alexis Cazes

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Answers (2)


Regarding Mobile Devices via Browser vs Andiord/ IOS Apps

Are you using the Adobe Analytics mobile SDK to track Analytics on your mobile applications?

If you do, you should in theory have enable mobile reporting which should have given you additional reporting, so it should show you how many unique visitors are using your mobile applications.

Now there is no easy way to identify same visitor from your mobile app to your website as the visitor ID is most likely different. Having said that you could pass in the customer ID (if the customer logs in) and use what is called customer attributes (might need to contact your account manager to see if you have access to it).

There is also a new feature called Adobe Marketing Cloud Device Co-op , I believe this allows to identify same visitor across different devices.

shikharg6586023 31-08-2017

Hi Alexis,

Thanks for your reply. I will check whether we already capture customer information.

For your second approach, I do have a Visitor technology report that tells which OS they are using. What I am not sure here is whether these visitors are coming from Mobile device by browsing my site via a browser or through Andriod/ IOS App. I was hoping to compare traffic coming from Mobile Devices via Browser vs Andiord/ IOS Apps to know whether my customers are using Mobile Application.