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Hello all,

I'm trying to find out if there is a hard limit and what happens if a url request to our site contains >300 characters.

We have some search adds being shown in google with links to our site, however already some of the links are >200 characters, then adding the Adobe campaign tracking cid and any other stuff which gets added this can put the request to >300 characters.

My question is will analytics record the traffic if the request is that length? - I've tested and looked in omnibug and can see the pageload rule firing, includes evar0 for campaign stuff, but does it make it fully through to AA.


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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi, your question seems to be around URL and if that's the case you are definitely ok with 300 bytes, you will have to exceed 2000 bytes before you will need to start getting concerned.

Now if you are referring to the variable it such as eVar0 or similar then yes 300 bytes exceeds the limit of an eVar and in the case of props its 100 bytes. Your data will get truncated.

You will need to come up with a way to shorten it.

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Answers (2)




There's a backend variable named url2 which stores the overflow URL if it's super long. However, URL isn't available in reports outside of data warehouse, so if you're passing this variable into an eVar, you're going to be limited to 255 bytes.

I'd recommend capturing URL without the query string in an eVar, then use one or more eVars to capture the various query string parameters. This would allow you to get the data you're looking for, and even organizes it a bit more nicely for you.



All the conversion variable has 255 bytes character limit which means anything above that in the string will get stripped.

If your URL Stands 300 character long adobe will strip the remaining 45  bytes while collecting the entire Page URL  value  stored in the evar1.

However, if you have your query parameter set after 300 it will get captured in evar0 since the Page URL does not have any storage limit but the tracking code itself cannot be more then 255 bytes  but at the same time while storing the same URL in evar1 it will strip the characters above 255bytes.

Happy tracking