[Urgent] Forced Log out in less than 2 clicks from Adobe Analytics



Hello *Adobe Community,

I'm getting kicked out every minute from the platform with a pop  in :

Your Session Has Expired

I don't know what to do , it's SUPER annoying, since I cannot do ANYTHING !

Could someone please tell me what's wrong ?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




Yes, this KB article outlines the most likely underlying cause: Troubleshoot expired sessions in Adobe Analytics

Basically, you'll want to create a ticket with customer care with the IP blocks your organization uses, and we can add them to a whitelist that won't expire a session if you switch to another IP in that range.

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Answers (2)



looks like you have network restrictions enabled are you an admin or non admin user ? If non admin please check with your admin as there might be restrictionsin accessing the account  from outside company network .