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We are trying to update our Adobe Analytics account so that it emails the invoice PDFs to our accounting department. However I can't find where this is defined.  Can someone point me to where I can update this?


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Accepted Solutions (1)




hi jboomernh,

I am not sure if you have auto email invoice option in analytics but to be sure you can reach out to your Account Manager.

alternatively you can try following:

The Billing page lets you access billing information, including traffic details for each report suite. Only an authorized
administrator has access to this page.
The traffic overview data from the billing page lets you correlate page view data in reports with billable server calls
on your invoice. The Billing page lets you do the following:
• Audit your invoice.
• Break down costs by report suite for internal accounting allocations.
• View the distribution of primary and secondary server calls.
The Billing page organizes information by month. so here you can download the monthly report or look for any additional new feature here to enable sending the billing report on you email(not sure though)



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