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Hello everyone,

After tracking properly a page with button click, I am visualizing Unspecified value in the Dashboard Freeform. I double checked and the evar is properly populated and sent to AA. Do you have any suggestion?


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Accepted Solutions (1)






Unspecified values in an evar report is an expected behavior because of its persistence. It depends which metric you are using in an evar report. Below is the document that will explain in detail about unspecified.

None, Unspecified, Unknown, and Other in reporting

If you are using Visits, Unique Visitors et cetera then you would see Unspecified values. 

However, if you are trying to check how many times that evar fired. I will suggest you to please use Instances metric. As instances will show you number of times the evar fired and will not show unspecified.



Lets take an example here:

Visit 1:

Visitor visits page A(eVar1 was set to "abc") > Page B(no eVar1 was set)


Visit 2:

Directly visits Page B where no eVar1 is set


The reports would be as below:

eVar1                  Visits

abc                        1

Unspecified           2

Total Visits             2


Let me know if this helps.

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