Unspecified Orders and product views in Adobe Analytics

krishy71667478 02-03-2018

Hello All,

Why I am seeing unspecified orders and product views in Adobe Analytics?


In the above snapshot you will see the unspecified orders 0. I am so confused why it is unspecified? Any help is appreciated.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

krishy71667478 08-03-2018

Gigazelle​ I fixed the unspecified orders thanks a lot for the response. I modified the javascript which is related to the confirmation page which persists the product data. Now the data looks correct. I have a question a question about sitelaunchmodal and shared the code to you. If you get a chance please take a look. thank you

Answers (2)

Answers (2)


To add upon Arun's answer, you will also want to double check your implementation to make sure that the products variable is firing on your order confirmation page. The products variable is not persistent, and therefore must be triggered at the same time a purchase event is set.


Dear Krish,

Because, you have selected Visits.

There will be pages/navigation without Product or Coupen ID (eVar18) while visitor navigates. For those visits, it will be unspecified right? Thus the same.

Ignore the visits and select success events. Conversion Variables should be attributed against the success events and not with base metrics like Page Views, Visits, etc.

Thank You!