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I have a conversion variable Status: Enabled, Type: Text String, Allocation: Most Recent(Last), Reset: Do Not Reset, Expire After: Visit, Enable Merchandising: Disabled.

I am using this variable to store/track a string value that has more than 100 chars. I cannot use prop for this variable as it is more than 100 chars.

All works fine, but i get "Unspecified" value for this varaible's report along with my actual string values sent to Adobe.

I have read the forum about "Unspecified".  I am not using this variable in a correlation report. Just viewing this variable's report gives me "Unspecified" as one of the values/rows.

I use Adobe Debugger and I confirm that the value for this variable is sent to Adobe along with my other variable values.

Any suggestions on what else I could possibly check please and How do I fix this?

Thanks so much.

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Dear Shreyas,

You can see unspecified in an evar report. It depends on which metric you use in an evar report.

Check the below link for more details.

Unspecified, Other, and Unknown in reporting

However, if you are trying to check how many time that evar fired. I will suggest you to please use Instances metric. As instances will show you number of times the evar fired and will not show unspecified.


Kumararaja K

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