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I am looking to get some clarity on how a unique visit (unique visitor ID) is recorded then tied to eVars after. The scenario I am confused about is on mobile app launch that is when unique id is generated. If I look at a report for a particular eVar I see the number of unique visitors totaled as “unspecified” for the eVar as it is not specified on launch, along with the list of values for the eVar recorded during each user unique visit.

For example,

eVar                Unique Visitors

Unspecified.              30

value A.                      15

value B.                       7

value C.                       12

This eVar can be set multiple times during a unique visit so I get that the count shouldn't add up but is it valid that we see the unspecified and is the only proper way to remove from view is to filter from report?  Also is there a way to display the visit id in a report?

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Unspecified refers to the time when the variable was not set in respect to the metric selected . Now when you select unique visitor the unspecified represents all the unique visitors who has the variable not set or persisting for even once in all the hits and visits during the selected timeframe .

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