Unique visitors of Target experience higher than expected



Hi everyone!

We have a couple of Target experiences running on a specific page.

I'm looking at the data and it's showing more unique visitors received the Target experience than visited the page.

To add to my confusion, I've created a workspace and used the option to breakdown the Target experience by page and it's showing multiple entries other than the page where the activity location is set in Target.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi everyone,

So after some investigation, we came to a pretty simple conclusion.

Basically, the Target Experience visits and unique visitors account for all the pages viewed in a single session where the relevant Target Experience cookie is present in the user's browser. When we applied a page name filter to the Target Experience it showed all the pages visited by the user after they received the Target Experience.

This was probably a lack of understanding on my part of how the different dimensions work and what is, and isn't comparable.

That's why we can't simply compare the number of visitors to the page with the number of visitors logged against the Target Experience dimension as the statistics for page views will simply show the number of visitors to the page, but the Target Experience visitors will aggregate visits to the page where the Experience triggered and all other pages they subsequently visited in the same session.

What we'll just do from now on is apply a page name to the workspace or create segments by drilling down into the Target Experience stats.

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I was just thinking that maybe you faced an implementation issue when the first mbox call did not contain the visitor ID while the second had it (or in other words, when different mbox calls are referring to different visitor ID values).

P.S.: if you send me a URL of the page in a direct message, I'll have a look...



Hi Andrey,

I've contacted Client Care but we've not reached a resolution as yet. Our implementation of Target is a little unconventional (we have to fire two separate mbox requests as our data layer takes a while to load) so I think it's been a bit tricky getting to the bottom of it.

In your experience, have you ever seen anything like this or do the stats generally tally up?