Unique Visitors for Typed/Bookmarked in Referrer Types is not matching with Direct Unique Visitors in Last Touch Channel.



Hi All,

I am not understanding why Unique Visitors for Typed/Bookmarked in Referrer Types

is not matching with Direct Channel Unique Visitors in Last Touch Channel.

Why there is a difference?


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Accepted Solutions (1)




you are comparing to almost conpletely different things, I try to explain and give you more hints to solve your question.

  1. "Typed/Bookmarked" belonges to the out-of-the-box-dimensions of Adobe Abalytics. Adobe tries match the traffic to a few basic dimensions, especially if a user has no referrer or a referrer not matching defined domains. this dimension has a visit expiration, means it starts with a new classification at each new visit. see more information here: Referrer Type
  2. "Direct" belongs to your Marketing Channels as you defined them in the report suite setup. You can completely make your own definition of what channels you want, when to classify a hit and how long it will exists. In a default setup the "direct" is only set if no marketing channel exists so far, basically in a first hit without any other marketing channel rules. as soon as a visitor has another marketing channel, it normally won't get overwrite by "direct" (see setting "overwrite"). this is due to the reason, that a marketing channel normally exists for about 30 days and will only be changed if a user has a new marketing channel. see a tutorial here: Refresher on Adobe Analytics' Marketing Channels Reports: Part I | Adobe Blog

Just giving you an example of a visitor journey (visits)

1. visit: a "direct" entry to your site

    - referrer type "direct"

    - marketing channel "direct"

2. visit: an entry from campaign

    - referrer type "other websites"

    - marketing channel "paid traffic" (depending on setup)

3. visit (similar to 1) a direct entry

    - referrer type "direct"

    - marketing channel "paid traffic" (no new channel!)

I hope this explanation helps to see the difference

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