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What does the setting under the Admin --> Report Suites --> Conversion --> Unique Visitor Variable do? 


I have read documentation on the same and it says is "The Unique Visitor Variable is used to designate which eVar will contain your visitor identifier. The Unique Visitor variable allows you to report on customer activity using your own unique identifier instead of Adobe's."


I am not sure what it means? does it mean setting this to a custom eVar will replace the ECID of that visitor with the custom variable?

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The purpose of that report suite setting is to set a mapping for Data Warehouse dimension "Visitor Id".


If you capture any user/crm/recipient/derived ID in an eVar, the activation of that setting WILL NOT change the data processing, do not confuse this setting with s.visitorID implementation.


Read the last paragraph in the following article that explains the purpose of the "Unique Visitor Variable" setting:



Please let me know if that helps?



User ID, similar to Google Analytics, is its own ID system.