Unique Customer Metric

davidc37602744 02-10-2019

All, I was able to find documentation on a unique customer metric similar to GA's Buyers metric but I don't see this metric in Workspace. is there a way to see how many unique buyers there were as a metric?

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fsakjlfdsakljfd 03-10-2019

As an example; a user could interact with a value of a dimension within a visit , but the order might not be attributed to that dimension.  This would explain a difference.

fsakjlfdsakljfd 02-10-2019

This is a relatively simple custom metric to create.  Depending on what you need represented the segment could be at the visitor level instead of visit level as shown above.

davidc37602744 03-10-2019

That would make sense it's custom dimension used to breakdown marketing parameters, so technically a user could interact with multiple marketing channels in the same visit.


davidc37602744 03-10-2019

Thanks, I've tried this where I set, the buyer segment I created on the Unique Visitors metric. However, I get results where orders is lower than buyers which shouldn't be possible.