Unify props, evar, events across multiple RS



Hi all,

my situation is: 

RS1 > Prop1 > label: country
RS2 > Prop3 > label: country

Requisite: I need to create a shared segment (let's say country = "US") for RS1 and RS2. I don't want the segment on each RS, I just want it to work on both of them without changing the implementation. I don't want to lose historical data or create a mess on one of the two RS.

Is it possibile to use the label as the query id instead of the Prop number? Is there another solution?

Thanks in advance,

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Accepted Solutions (1)



I did not try this, but I believe it will work:

Create a processing rule on each report suite to prefix a fixed value (e.g. Country Code) to your country code.
This fixed value must be same on all report suites

e.g. RS1 -> Overwrite value of prop1 to concatenated value 'Country Code: '+prop1
e.g. RS2 -> Overwrite value of prop3 to concatenated value 'Country Code: '+prop3

Then you can create a generic segment:

US Segment
prop1 = "Country Code: US"
prop3 = "Country Code: US"
propX = "Country Code: US"

You can also add a SAINT classification on each report suite for having just the country code

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Answers (4)



Hi Giada,

Adobe may be able to reprocess and move the data, that seems like the only option - IF they can. I'm not sure... And in case they can, it may be quite costly to do... My best guess would be, that it is not possible...




Thanks for the answers. Unfortunately my situation is quite complex because my company has inherited 6 different sites/RS and each one of them has a different use of props.
Without a workaround I have to manually create 50 segments for each RS 😞




I agrees with Tanmay, unless you are 100% sure that prop1 in RS1 won't have same values as prop3 in RS2, and the same the other way around. However, I think that is a risky way of doing it, of cause depending on your business - but you could setup a segment looking at both variables and then use across...



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Hi Giada,

Welcome to the community! 

Label is only a display name for the prop, at the backend the data would be structured by prop number only. 

Since you are capturing data under different props in different report suites. The easiest way I could think of is creating different segments for both the suites.