Typed/Bookmarked Report & Traffic from Native Apps



I recently came across a correlation report of Typed/Bookmarked (Referrer report under Traffic Sources) & a custom traffic variable(which captures the page URL). I found that all the URLs in that report were from the facebook/twitter posts and ads. This blog from Ben Gaines states that the traffic from facebook or twitter apps on the website does not contain the referrer information which means no value in s.referrer hence the visits are bucketed under Typed/Bookmarked in Traffic Sources as well as Marketing Channel(Direct OR Typed/Bookmarked) reports. As mentioned in the blog, we can create processing rules to identify the traffic facebook app and populate any custom traffic or a conversion variable using it. But my question is how can we re-configure the traffic sources report in such case. 

I am sure other Adobe Analytics users mush have faced similar issue. The traffic sources report would never give a clear picture on where the traffic is coming from and the Typed/Bookmarked report would always be inflated for no reason.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)