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Hello! I am trying to get a list of all our pages that meets two requirements: has 100k+ visits AND and then sort by bounce rate.  I can't figure out how to do this in Workspace but assume it's a fairly easy thing to do? I want to avoid exporting and manually sorting the info.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi haroldpwc, magnusf30000295,

The segments in Analytics are used to get a subset of Visitors/Visits/Hits, but not to filter the columns by aggregated sum of values.

The solution is to use Advanced Calculated Metrics. Unfortunately, it is not very easy and requires some setup. Have a look at the screenshots, and let me know if it helps you build what you were looking for.

1. This is how it will look once you set up the Calc metrics:

page filter by visits 1.png

2. Calc metrics:

page filter by visits 2.pngpage filter by visits 3.png

3. The column setting to hide zero values:

page filter by visits 4.png

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Answers (3)



Hi, Andrey,

my current "tweak" on the setup is somehow similar, but i just set the value to -1000, and sort by that column... But it could be usefull to make the variables containing that value (or zero in your case) to not show in the table at all... but thats not a feature i can fint any place (would be to supress variables with value=0).




have the same question, but doesnt seem to work as intended if this is the setup on the segment you was referring to?! I assume its not important if you apply this to the whole workspace or if you only drops it into the metrics column to get this to work (in theory)?! It doesnt work any way on my side at least.....

visits GE 1000.JPG




Can you please try using a segment with Visits > 100K condition and apply it on Pages report in Workspace with Bounce Rate and Visits as the metric?