Trying to export my Analysis Workspace project to PDF



When I export my Analysis Workspace project to PDF it prints all on one page, scrunching all the data so tiny it isn't legible.  How can I change it so it prints on multiple pages?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



I raised the idea of paginating PDF exports on Omniture Ideas and this was the reply which all makes sense:


by  Community Manager 3 weeks ago
This is a tough one. The easy answer is to add an option to paginate. In reality, there are a bunch of UX challenges we would need to solve in order to this, though. What happens when you try to paginate a project that doesn't easily break into pages (misaligned bottom borders of tables and graphs, for example)? I'm not saying that we won't do it, simply that it's more complex than it may seem. We definitely will not force people to paginate, which means we need to figure out how it works as an option.