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Anyone have a good model for how to track products (price/revenue) and purchases when visitors are redeeming points or miles instead of currency? Is the only way to set up a numeric event and other "flags" so as to keep all purchases and "points" out of the standard purchases/orders/revenue metrics? I'm assuming I have to keep the products variable as is and just plug in 0.00 for the price. But not sure what that might impact. I can set a variable so as to filter out those products/purchases when calculating total revenue by product, average purchase value, etc. but anything else?

I am sure with all the large travel and hospitality enterprises Adobe has as clients this is not something new and they have a recommended solution or approach?

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Accepted Solutions (1)




There aren't really any standardizations or best practices around points, but I can provide a couple viable solutions.

If you don't want to include points at all, only include the actual payments in the product string, so $0.00 is recorded for purchases using points. Instead, count points in a numeric/currency event (depending on how you want to track points). If you wanted to see an aggregated total, you could create a calculated metric that added the two together.

A similar option would be to record everything, then include an additional numeric/currency event that collects point value for purchased products. Then in Analytics you could create a calculated metric that subtracts points from overall revenue to get only direct purchase income.

Which one you go with will depend on what your requirements are for tracking revenue, as well as how flexible your platform is for collecting this kind of data.

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What if you were to setup a evar on action of product purchase?

All sales use $ Currency so all financial values remain but evar is great as you can set it with 3 options.

Evar :Product Purchase method

Regular -  for regular $ values

Points redemption - Points redeemed

Miles - For miles redeemed

Now since its possible to segment each group and get its dollar ratio value.

Another cool feature as an evar is sticky you can then look at user flows, and page behaviours based on each redemption type.