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girishk10214964 11-06-2019

Hi Team,

How can I handle transactional data? Where I want audiences, who have purchased 3 products naming tablet, phone and laptop. I want to know what was the amount for which they have purchased as I want to target people who have purchased 3 products with a total sum of Rs. $78000 amount. How can do that?

If we want to tag a product with a price and product id as well. How can we do that in the below case that you have mentioned? If it is going to follow the sequence?


“price”=“100|200|300"       Like this?

Product id = “p1|p2|p3”

Thanks in advance.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


Hi girishk10214964,

Build a Visitor based segment as follows to target the described audience:

Revenue >= 78000


HIT (product = tablet AND Orders exists)


HIT (product = phone AND Orders exists)


HIT (product = laptop AND Orders exists)

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