Tracking Username - PII Data in Analytics

bupathi_sivab62 26-06-2018


What if I want to Capture the Username, PII data in any one of variables in analytics? What is the best Practice and process to track the user activities with respect to Login to Logout?

If we are not suppose to do, how should we take an approval for the same and whom should we Contact?



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Accepted Solutions (1)


Adobe is not going to intervene if you decide to collect PII in your implementation. Adobe is also not responsible for any legal ramifications that come from collecting PII in your implementation. Bear in mind that you'll want to make sure any data collected adheres to any laws and is covered in your privacy policy.

If it's an intranet site, you'd probably want to run it by your organization's legal team to make sure they're okay with your organization's info being stored on Adobe's data collection servers. They also might have an idea on how to best notify your employees about their use of data.

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Answers (3)


Dear Bupathi,

We are not supposed to capture PII information in the raw format but we can encrypt/hash it.

Lets say your mail ID is, it can be hashed as 125-sdf-256 in Adobe Analytics to capture. Later we can map it back with the logic.

Go through the link Privacy Considerations - Customer Attributes for more details.

Thank You


bupathi_sivab62 09-07-2018

Thanks PratheepArun

But, my thoughts are, if is possible to do the PII Individual tracking Implementation in Internal Sites,  to understand the User Journey's.

taking the GDPR in to Consideration, how far it is suggested to do the Implementation.

Thank you