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Hi - What is the step-by-step process to enable tracking on third party sites / other domains?


We have a separate site under a different domain that we'd like traffic and click data on but not sure how to set up tracking on the site to enable this. Thank you!

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If you are the owner of the other website and can make changes in the code, it is similar to implementing Analytics on your own website. You just need to keep the tracking server and report suite same.



Hi @_teresa ,

To be able to answer your query I need more clarity on the ask. Are you saying that the third party site doesn't have Analytics implemented on it? If yes, then you can track the data via exit links. For example, if I have two web sites like & We have Analytics implemented on but not in So, in this scenario, I will capture the data on the button or a link that is directing me from to You can also try using the Exit Link Redirects. For more information on Exit Link Redirects, you can also refer to the below documentation link.


Also, please note if you need to use Exit Link Redirect then you will need to get in touch with the Client Care team to whitelist the destination domain.

Hope this helps.