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I am trying to implement DTM video tracking code in our website. We are using Flowplayer to play videos in our website. I searched in forms to see any way of implementing code to track Flowplayer video, but only got info that it doesn't have any out of the box functionality to track videos provided by other video providers (Brightcove, Youtube, Vimeo, VideoJS, Flowplayer, etc.)

Can any one tell how to implement the DTM code to track video which is using Flowplayer?



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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Veer,

My first suggestion is to try leveraging the built-in event-based rules focused on HTML5 Video player events. Unfortunately, this won't cover Flash-based video players. Also, there's a chance that the events don't hook into Flowplayer - I can't speak from experience with that video player.

If those event-based rules don't work, your next step is to tap into the API's of Flowplayer. I've seen it done successfully in the past with Brightcove/YouTube/Vimeo, so if Flowplayer has a decent API, it shouldn't be too painful. The important items to focus on are:

  • Video Name (or a Video ID if Name is unavailable in the API)
  • Video Actions (Play, Complete, Scrub)

Hopefully that helps point you in the right direction!

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Answers (4)



I went through Flowplayer API and on:


flowplayer(function (api, root) { api.on("load", function () { // do something when a new video is about to be loaded }).on("ready", function () { // Added the DTM code here });

What is happening is when the video starts I am not getting any value in debugger but when video ends and I start again then in the Adobe debugger I am getting required values. Not able to figure out what is the issue (Why it is behaving such way.) And nothing else in the FLowplayer API I find which can help me.