Tracking ending of background usage through operating system



We would like to track the information of Adroid-app when they get turned off in the backgroudn through the operating system plus also the timing until the user gets back to the app after the turnoff.

  • <=10s
  • <=1m
  • <=3m
  • <=10m
  • <=30m
  • > 30m

What would be your suggestion and how should we track this? In an Action tracking? What about the fact of the bounce rate? would it not destroy our bounce rate? Has anyone already tracked something like that?

I hope that someone has a great idea on this.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi laetizia_w

Adobe would be able to track any data if a server call is sent.

- If you send analytics server calls from background, then there is a 'cp' parameter in hits which tells whether the app is in foreground or background. In workspace, its known as 'Hit Type' dimension

- You'll have to apply a custom logic to know the difference then this 'cp' param changes its value from background to foreground. Send this time difference as context data - map it with event. You can check this event in reports to know the time it takes for end users to come launch app after it was sent in background.

- Additionally , there are certain conditions where background hit is considered as new visit or not. Its detailed out here: Context-aware sessions