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Hi Expert, I need some help.


Here is some background: I am currently running ads (goal is people filled Marketo Form) with the landing page: and I am using utag_name=abc_SEM_G_buy_2020-06 to track this in Adobe. The full final landing page when visitor click the ads will be


I understand if visitor click the ads, go to landing page and filled the form, Adobe Analytics would be able to track based on the utag name.


Here is my scenario: visitor click the ads, go to landing page BUT didn't not filled the form immediately. The visitor browse through the website first before in the end come back to to filled form. By this time, the utag_name=abc_SEM_G_buy_2020-06 would already disappear from the url.



1. Does Adobe Analytics able to track this?

2. How do I make Adobe Analytics able to track this under the utag_name=abc_SEM_G_buy_2020-06?


Thanks a lot!

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