Tracking Codes are empty in my Analytics Report



I'm troubleshooting an issue with a website that is getting data, but no tracking codes or campaigns in the report suite.

This is what my tracking code looks like.

<script language='JavaScript' type='text/javascript'>

s.pageName='Home' //Page Name

s.server='Primary' //Primary or Failover'' //Category Name if applicable

s.pageType='' //Set to errorPage on 404






/* Conversion Variables */

s.campaign='testing123' //CID











var s_code=s.t();if(s_code)document.write(s_code)//-->


The documentation indicates that I should see testing123 as a tracking code in the report Conversion > Campaigns > Tracking Code but I've waited 24 hours and it still says no data.   All of the other parameters come through fine.    Do I need to enable this feature somewhere or is there a setting I may be overlooking?

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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