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An analyst needs to report on a paid search campaign named “Best Gifts”. Instead of using a consistent tracking code, several departments have used own code, as follows:

- best gifts

- gifts

- gift ideas

- best presents

- present ideas

These codes are available in the Tracking Codes report.

The analyst needs to create a ranked report for the last 30 days. The report must show the performance of this campaign as a whole, with other campaigns that were in place at the time.

How should the analyst perform this task?

A. Classify the tracking codes above with one campaign name

B. Have the marketing departments use a consistent tracking code

C. Run the Marketing Channel Report

D. Create a visitor-based segment where the tracking code contains “gifts”

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi Dinesh

As visitors enter your website from different marketing channels, like

Search (paid and natural/organic)

Campaigns with tracking codes (display ads, email, affiliates, etc.)

Social networks and any “key” referring domains etc...

You need to setup the marketing channel processing rules in order to evaluates the incoming traffic and assigns it to respective above channels. In above question you are looking to see performance of campaign not only best gifts but other campaign as a whole. This can be captured if you setup marketing channels rules correctly and run the below report, you will get performance of campaign as whole

Analytics > Marketting Channels > Channel Overview Report

so answer would be C.


Hope this helps


Answers (1)

Answers (1)




Hi Dinesh,

1. Quick win is to create a segment having all tracking codes for "best gifts" campaign, now use this segment to see trends for "best gifts" campaign. (fastest solution)

2. However you can also use classification rule builder to auto classify all these tracking codes into one. (another option)

Best practice is to have marketing department  use a consistent tracking code.

Option C is not going to help much in this case.