Tracking Code not displayed



I'm setting s.campaign with 'cid' as so;

if (s.Util.getQueryParam('cid'))  s.campaign = s.Util.getQueryParam('cid');

When checking the beacon (filtering for b/ss) I can see v0 is populated with the cid parameters;


Also in Admin > Report Suites > Conversion > Conversion Variables.... I have the campaign variable set.


Yet my tracking code report still looks like this:


Any assistance on this would be great!

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi All,

Thanks for the help on this one!

It was one of those dumb moments when I realized that the processing rules weren't quite right. The implementation was using context data and in the process of adding the rules included setting the campaign variable, when it was already being sent to v0.

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Answers (3)



It seems you have a bunch of different pieces of info in tracking code. Is it possible you just haven`t uploaded any associated SAINT categories and the "Tracking Code" report is really a sub report blank...

Can you display where in menu hierarchy the Tracking code report is?

Also just a recommendation. You may not have hit it yet but "pipe" delimiters can cause 3rd parties issues with your click through URLs

Switching over to underscore "_" will eliminate that.





Hi Tim,

You might have already done this, but have you verified the report suite ID?

also you can get a data feed for a day/hour when you are sure to have sent the data and check the exclude_hit, campaign and post_campaign columns. If the exclude_hit is >0 then it the hit is being excluded. Also if the campaign column contains the value but not the post_campaign, then there is something manipulating the value in the interim.