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Tracking code classification unreliable (?) in Workspace reports


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We used the Classification Rules Builder to classify Tracking Codes, into multiple dimensions, in my example, I'll only mention "Sub-Channel" but the issue is also present with other classified dimension:


However, in order to see if it works correctly, we use Workspace, and we see lots of "unspecified" where the classification rule should have applied.

For instance, this tracking code should have been classified as Sub-Channel = google:


Actually, when running a test in the classification rule builder, the Sub-Channel is correctly assigned to "google":


In order to investigate a bit more, I'm creating a new Freeform Table, but starting with Sub-Channel broken down by Tracking code, and now it works, as it founds the tracking code under Sub-Channel = google.


What is even more mysterious, is that when I save the report and I reload it, the Tracking code goes back under "Unspecified"!!!!


My questions are:

  1. Is "Workspace" reports unreliable, or is the "Classification Rule Builder" unreliable, or both?
  2. Or am I missing something here?

Thank you all and have a great week!

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