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I would like to know how it is possible that when I break down a specific Tracking Code for "Entry Page Original" that there are pages the visitors enter that we never promoted in a social ad.

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Mostly 90% is the page we promoted but the other 10% are sites that we never promoted in the ad. How is it possible that those Pages are listed?

The goal is to break down the Trackingcodes, what the first Page visit from the visitor was.

Thank you for your help.

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Instead of using entry page as the dimension why not use 'Campaign Click-throughs' as the metric with page as the dimension?  This should only return the pages in which the tracking code value was set, rather than those instances in which it was persisted.

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Entry page original tied to the visitor profile from the first touch point of the user on your website, so it can be the case where in A visitor came to your website from page A (no tracking code) later on the same person came from tracking code (SOC:XXX) when you breakdown the tracking code with original entry page the page on which user landed for the first time will show up there.

Hope that helps.

Here is a great discussion and explanation about how original entry page is captured : What is the difference between Entry Pages & Original Entry Pages?



Thank you for this information! Is there a way to only show for example Tracking Codes that begins with "SOC" (Social)?
If I break down Campaign Click throughs with pages I get all pages that use the Campaign Tracking Codes (also ones that are not Paid Traffic like for example a Deeplink visit that we created). Do I need to create a segment for this? Because I don't want to filter every result seperately.



Thank you akits, this makes sense.

"Consider a New Visitor is arriving your website and the scenario stands the below:

Visit 1 : A >> B >> D >> E

Visit 2 : A >> C >> D >> E

Visit 3 : B >> C >> D >> E

Visit 4 : C >> A >> D >> E

Entry Pages are : A, B and C. It will be counted for every visit.

Original Entry Pages are : Only A. Till you clear your cookie, your Original Entry Page will remains A because it is the First Page of your visit to the website.

Hope this explains you the difference.

Thank You


This should mean that it is almost 100% that if there are different pages listed, that one visitor possibly visited at least two of those pages.

As an Example:

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So: the Visitor from Cranford visited the page  "... 2019" on October 30. With a Safari 12.1.
But there is also a different page that a user visited on October 30, with a Safari 12.1 from Cranford.
The chance is very high, that this is the same user, right?

Thank you!