Tracking code appears in normal Reports, but not RealTime Reports?



Hi. I'm working on implementing real time reports. I have been unable to get revenues (or really any metric) broken down by trackingCode when using the real time API even though using standard Report.Queue endpoint (trended report, I believe) shows breakdowns for the exact same data. And it's only for the trackingCode element too. Does anyone know what the problem might be? Using v1.4.


For reference:


{     "name":"2017-02-21T00:00:00-0600",     "year":2017,     "month":2,     "day":21,     "hour":0,     "minute":0,     "breakdown":[              ],     "breakdownTotal":[         "0.00"     ] }, ... "totals":[     "0.00" ],


... { "name":"Tue. 21 Feb. 2017", "year":2017, "month":2, "day":21, "hour":0, "breakdown":[ { "name":"<some name>", "url":"", "counts":[ "0.00" ] }, { "name":"::unspecified::", "url":"", "counts":[ "<some number>" ] }, ... ], "breakdownTotal":[ "<some total> ] } ...

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi there,

I was able to get revenue (and pageviews) working via the Real Time API. Here's an example, you'll need your Web Services Credentials:

  1. Enter your username/api secret into the corresponding forms. I set the default dimension to be trackingCode, but you can put a prop or eVar in there too if you want.
  2. Apply a filter to your report suite listing if you like - this way you only run the report on the report suites that you want. For example, just prod report suites, as is the default.
  3. Once report suites load in text box, you should be able to hit Run. A few seconds later, you should have all the data you're looking for, leveraging the Real Time API. If for some reason reports don't load after about 10-15 seconds, check the console for any JS errors. If there's a "report_not_ready" error, click the button to "Try again" in the browser. That should resolve the issue.

Hope that helps! 

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