Track the change of a dimension in Adobe Analytics

danielf16493531 07-08-2019

I have following case:

In a input form we're having a city field, which represents the city the user searches something in, Dimension is named city_combo

For Example:

1) User has by default the located city in there, like Madrid

2) User doesn't want to search in Madrid, but in Barcelona, dimension gets set the new value

How can i find out, how many users change the default of the dimension, not based on cities?

I want to have a metric, which represents the # of users who change the default localization, regardless of which city he changes to.

Thanks in advance!

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


Hi danielf16493531

I believe the provided solution works perfectly for the desired use case, maybe needs some testing/adjustments regarding the number.

assume you have a single visit where user searches 3 times for "madrid", twice for "barcelona", that would be "2 different values" for the "city_combo". that means if you are looking for users who made 1 change, that would be 2 "distinct count" for the desired value.

I would take the segment provided by asheep​ above and do the following modifications:

1) change to "visit" container

2) change to "equals 2" or "equals 3". there might be cases where the user didn't have a value for "city combo", that means the item has a first value of "undefined". so looking for "distinct count = 3" moght be the right condition for those users in question (unspecified/madrid/barcelone).

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Answers (7)


HI Daniel,

All you need to do it, create a distinct count segment with "city_combo" dimension as shown below.


Now use this segment "City Combo Distinct Count >= 2" to create a calculate metrics as shown it.


This calculated metrics is ready to use with date on month dimension etc. to see how many users changed default city.




I would turn the condition to "greater than or equal 3" since it looks as "unspecified" is messing up your segment ("unspecified" is counted as a value!)

danielf16493531 19-08-2019

Hi ursboller,

I worked it out and the numers are telling this:


I'd interpret this like "99,9% of the Users are switching their city they want to search in, i don't think this is a valid calculation, by now.

danielf16493531 18-08-2019

Hi Guys,

this can't work - because the city_combo gets fired every time the user searches

He could do 5 searches in Madrid and 3 in Barcelona, but i want the amount the user changed the city - in this case 1.


Thanks @ursboller, I agree as we are looking for city_combo dimension change in a visit, segment should be change to "visit container".