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zsolt_a1 05-07-2019


what is the proper way to track teaser clicks (they could be three images with links to another site) on a landingpage? Right now I need to use fallout or "flow". But in the fallout I already need to make three funnels with all the existing possibilties. Is there another way to see which teasers were clicked? (something like a heatmap or in the reports the next page flow) Lets assume I have 3 teasers on one landingpage (they are all internal). What is the proper way to see which of the 3 teasers were clicked the most? (in ranking)

For External links I use Exitlinks/Outboundlinks.

Thank you!

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kumararajak 15-07-2019

Dear Zsolt,

Agree Balaji_V

Implementing tracking codes for the each teasers will be the best practice to get the credits on conversion. This method will help to understand which teaser helped for the conversion.


Kumararaja K

Balaji_V 07-07-2019

Hi There,

Try using the External Campaign ID for each teaser (eg: Teaser01, Teaser02…etc) , this will help to know which Teaser has got more clicks.

But am not sure do that helps you to get the fallout report because fallout report or Page flow works on Page name.

May be this blog helps you

SiteCatalyst Finance Fundamentals: External Campaign Performance (part 1) | Adobe Blog


Balaji_V 15-07-2019

Hi Zsolt,

Listed the possible ways to tracking Teaser clicks can be done using

The Internal Campaign ID (eg: ICID=Teaser0119)

Activating the  Activity Map link as said by H_L


Using the Link Tracking, It's a type of link tracking through custom option (Ref; below link)

eg: <a href="index.html" onClick=",'o','TeaserName01')">My Page</a>


H_L 14-07-2019

Activity Map Link may the one you can try.

But be sure the Click will trigger a event, so that the activity map link value can be triggered.

zsolt_a1 08-07-2019

Thank you for your reply! What I wanted to add is, that we already use "Trackingcodes" for external campaigns. What I want to know is how it works if we use it on our own content management system. I can't imagine that we need to use "internally" for every teaser box a trackingcode wihtin our own content management system.

Thank you!