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I am running Adobe Analytics on a hotel booking site and we successfully track reservations. However, we do not have the option to track modified bookings on the site and in order to modify a booking user has to carry it out by calling our helpline numbers offline. We want to bulk import our modified bookings every day in adobe and reflect our revenue. Is it possible to that in Adobe and if yes how can i achieve it ? (detailed steps would be really helpful here).

Also, I read a post about setting s.transactionID and enabling transactionID storage in Adobe to track cancellation bookings. We do set s.purchaseID on the confirmation page. Does setting s.purchaseID automatically populates s.transactionID or do we have to set transactionID separately on the confirmation page ?

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Thanks !

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Accepted Solutions (1)




That's absolutely possible with Data Sources you have already got to know about.

s.transactionID is independent from s.purchaseID.

There are various solution options, the simplest would look as follows:

- activate transaction ID storage

- set reservation ID in the transactionID variable

- configure events for "confirmed" number of reservations and revenue amount (these numbers represent the state including all modifications)

- set up a transaction ID based Data Source

- every day export the data for the previous day and upload it to Analytics

As a result in addition to the metrics you track on the website, you will get new backend based metrics representing the actual reservation information.