Total Visits count over 1 week is not correct

dinesh_b_kumar_ 07-10-2019

Hi Team,

YOu can find my project here :

Why total visit count is not matching with sum of all individual visits count. for instance:  As shown in the screen shot Total visit = 32.  If we sum up visits made by individual user ID( each row's)  is  48. I want to know why so much difference? Why Unspecified visits is not considered in the Total visits? Please share link where I can know more about this.


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dinesh_b_kumar_ 09-10-2019

Hi David,

Why we are removing duplicates visits?. A user can have multiple visits within a day or within a reporting period. If we want Unique visits then I agree for removing duplicates otherwise deduplication should not apply.  For Unique customer - deduplication is applicable if he does not clear the cache memory within reporting period. Do you agree?

David-123 07-10-2019

Hi Dinesh,

My first thought would be deduplication.

If I arrive and on hit 1 you do not know my ID but you do on hit 2 then I will be both unspecified and have a user id.