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Hello everyone. I would like to know what others are using to test Launch and Adobe Analytics. I've always used Chrome Console and Adobe Experience Platform Debugger.

When setting up tags in Launch, I typically use the Chrome Console tab and Network tab. Console lets me see what tags fired and Network lets me see the contents of beacons and other data. I use the debugger and usually download it to Excel to take a closer look at every beacon sent; e.g. what data was transferred in props/evars and out of the box dimensions, etc.

The reason I ask is because I'm only testing in Chrome and seeing AA/Launch work in Chrome is great but what about other browsers and mobile? I don't know if tags work properly in mobile browsers and any other browser than Chrome. Is there a more robust tool that lets me test in other browsers? Any other insights would be appreciated.

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi, most modern browsers have a Console/Network panel equivalent.


Firefox network panel, you need to switch to the "params" tab after selecting the beacon call.

"New" Edge, should work just like Chrome, old Edge you can't "filter" as easily, but you can "find" the call, it also had a parameters tab

I don't have a mac, but Safari should also have a network panel (you may need to google how to show developer tools - I think it's hidden by default)


If you have issues with any of the built in tools, or you want to check mobile devices, you can use tools like Fiddler or Charles.

(For mobile devices you need to send the data though your computer as a proxy - <- this works for Android as well, and since this is old, you will probably need to install the fiddler certificate to your devices to properly decode SSL)

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