Time spent per visit (seconds)




I've being digging in time metrics, and one is still not so clear for me - Time spent per visit (seconds).

The formula is clear and says that it is Total Seconds Spent/(Visits - Bounces) - https://docs.adobe.com/content/help/en/analytics/components/metrics/time-spent-per-visit.html


In Adobe in the table I see such results


In the first row if you count 9084/(43-8)=259 which differs from the result.

I did vice versa 9084/293=31. And I couldn't get those 31 not from adding, nor subtracting Visits, Bounces, Page Views, Single Page visits and all the combinations of those.


The same is with rest of rows (at least first 5).


Could you explain how did this 293 appears?



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Hi @Oleksandr_Kis ,

Ideally, the numbers should match with the given formula. What is the dimension that is being used? Are you seeing the same issue on a trended report?