time spent or any other metric to "Bounce Traffic"



Hello all seniors,

Is it possible to get some metrics from dimensions for those "bounce traffic".

For example, is it possible to know "time spent per visit" for "bounced traffic".

Real case:

User come to 1 page, but left without any activity, how long time users usually spent?

By doing this, I may know the possible reason user "bounced" and the media performance.


visits from media 1 landing to page A, 60% bounced, average time spent for bounced traffic < 3s;

visits from media 2 landing to page A, 60% bounced, average time spent for bounced traffic between 30-45s;

then possibly advertised content on media 2 is helpful to users and matched the content in landing page, but we need to give further CTA links.

and content on media 1 is not helpful to page A. we either change the content or change the media.

Please advise.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi there,

the above is not possible as adobe analytics (and other analytics tools) rely on calculating the time based on calls made to server, so if the user came to website and left again, without you sending additional information to Adobe Analytics, this will be considered a bounce and no time is registered on that visit.

You could implement a counter that fires of a s.tl every x seconds, but I would not recommend it as this is waste of server calls. You could implement scroll tracking on the page, if it's a single page that user can in theory use long time on, that way you can justify that the number of bounces might be high, but you can see if they actually scrolled on the website or not (based on their screen resolution). But the scenarie above is not possible as things are tracked in a "standard" adobe analytics implementation.