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Hello Adobe Community,

I have been asked to do something really crazy..! But kinda interesting to implement.

We are looking collect the time spent by our clients in different parts of our site.

My first reaction was to save the time stamp by page in a prop Y. But still, I'm not sure how we could ue this info then in Analytics.

Couold it be that, if I do a hit segment for the section of our site we want to study, the we can know the Entry time ( Entry prop Y) and Exit Time (Exit prop Y) and use the visit metric?

I'm really not sure about the feasability of this, because even there, we could not calcultae a average of the difference ( exit - entry ) ?

Thanks for yout great instights !

Cheers !

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Gigazelle​ , Hello !

Thanks for your answer, the proble was that those out of the box reports don't report minutes, we wanted a more precize timestamp. We managed by using a custom timestamp on all pages !

Thaks again !


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Adobe Analytics collects and reports time spent right out of the box. You could simply use those metrics against a segment of people visiting different parts of your site.

Is there a use case that necessitates your own implementation of time spent metrics?