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Hi there,

I am looking to track the impact of an error on site. Currently when a user experiences a site error we populate an evar and prop with the error (e.g. errorABC) and fire an event, so we have all bases covered. 🙂

What we are looking to see is how many pages a customer will see after getting an error before they leave - e.g. how bad is 1 error over another.

Any ideas how to report this as we want to ignore all the hits/pages that came before the error?



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Accepted Solutions (1)




Try this, assuming that your eVar expires after visit:

Create a segment that:

Includes all hits where eVarX exists

Excludes all hits where eVarX does not exist

Open workspace any apply the segment to a panel

Drag over the hit depth dimension

This would give you general data on how many page views a user saw after hitting an error. If you wanted to see a specific error, you could change the segment to say 'eVarX equals error' instead of 'eVarX exists'.

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