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Hi everyone,

I'm considering having a report suite clean up at some point in the near future, to clear any erroneous data that's crept in and clear dormant variables from our reporting suite. This is not something I have done before, so I wondered if anyone had any tips on how best to go about this and any advice as to what is actually possible (i.e. can adobe clear variables between certain date ranges, do adobe charge for this (if so is there a pricing structure), can adobe clear particular values from a variable that are known to be incorrect?

Any information from someone with more experience on this would be really beneficial.



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Accepted Solutions (1)


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Hi Toby,

Once data is captured in a report suite, it cannot be erased or deleted. Data Collection is 100% permanent. If you have some variables which have incorrect data, there is an option to hide them from reporting but the data would still exist. 

Hope this helps. Thanks!


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